About us

Welcome to The Pullover Pal.  We are currently a small company with big ideas.  Our Pullover Pal is a revolutionary  We are happy to showcase our product.

Your About Us page might include:

  • Who you are: Pullover Pal was founded due to the increase in incidents of negative police interactions, especially as it relates to vehicle operators. We designed our product to decrease interactions between police officers and travelers which will we hope will decrease arrests, injury, and deaths.
  • Why you sell the items you sell:  Currently we are selling the Original Pullover Pal in Blue and Pink.  

  • Where you are located: Pullover Pal is based in North Carolina

  • How long you have been in business: We have been in business since May 2016. but did not actively start producing products until early July.  

  • How long you have been running your online shop:  We just opened our online shop in August 2016

  • Who are the people on your team: Currently Pullover Pal consists of Ronnie, the owner, and two independent seamstresses.  

  • Contact information:

  • Social links:  
    We can be found on Facebook and Twitter